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 Fighting/Power System

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PostSubject: Fighting/Power System   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:15 pm

Number 1 skill is powerlevel.
Number 2 skill is Endurance
Number 3 is Strength

Now in combat Powerlevel amounts to a combination of strength, Ki, Health and Defense. Basically, your powerlevel states how much strength in Ki you have and how much life you have. While stamina is speed and endurance. This is how much they can dodge and how much they can deflect. Defense is the raw power that absorbs damage like a shield that constantly surrounds the body and finally Strength is the amount of damage a physical attack would do rather than a Ki based attack.

For Ki attacks rank determines the power of the hit unless specified otherwise.
E rank=5%
D rank=10%
C rank=25%
B rank=40%
A rank=55%
S rank=100%

IF you're powerlevel would reach 0 being hit or taking a hit you automatically bump to 1 and you are then KOed. [Knocked out.] Once you are knocked out you cannot power up. While you may not be able to defend or dodge against the attacks with any extra power than you're natural body. If you are transformed in a temporary sense you will be taken down to you're most reverted form. If you take any more damage that actually takes down your powerlevel to 0 you are dead.

Now onto Endurance. Endurance is a system of how much ki you can deflect, how much you can take without suffering actual damage or! How much you can dodge. TO dodge an attack you remove Endurance equal to 10% your opponen'ts Endurance. To deflect you remove Endurance equal to the damage of the incoming attack. IF you cannot fully deflect it you're Endurance is depleted and you take full damage. So let's say your Endurance is 1,000 and an attack is coming at you with 500 powerlevel. In order to dodge the attack you need only equal the powerlevel of the attack and add 50% to it. Which in this case would be 750 Endurance. To deflect the attack the Endurance of the defender must be double the powerlevel of the incoming attack. When attacked physically Endurance needs only to equal the damage of the incoming attacks to dodge them and be 150% of the power of the incoming attacks to counter them and do the same damage they would normally have done to you in a return to them. The other aspect of endurance equates to strength. Endurance is a way to bypass Defense. It only effects physical attacks having to do with punches, kicks, etc. Upon taking a physical hit the Endurance of the attacker is divided by the amount of attacks performed and for each attempted hit in a single post.

Strength is your melee ability skill defense and power. Basically if your endurance is your agility and defense and your powerlevel is your remaining durability and power your strength would be your ability to handle close range combat and combat ki with your actual body. If your strength is equal in level to a blast of energy coming at you then all it takes is a swing and the ki flies in the direction it was smacked into by your fist. Your strength however is not really how much damage you can do per attack though. A mere 5% can be generated per attack unless an entire post of charging up a melee attack is done which will increase it to 50% of your strength.

Powerlevel determines the strength of normal combat as well. Let's say someone throws a punch whoop de doo. Well another guy takes that punch. Un aided that punch would be 1% of the powerlevel of the thrower of that punch. If a clash of melee were to take place the damage would be decreased by the amount of damage that would have been done.

Finally we come down to the fundamental Ki energy. Ki blasts. Anyone with a powerlevel of 30 or higher has the ability to charge ki within their arms and/or hands and fire it out in a burst of ki energy. This attack is a simple attack dealing .5% of the user's powerlevel per connection with a maximum of 25 being fired per post. Simple right?


This can happen one of two ways. The first is if you take damage from an attack meant to cause damage like this such as destructo disk. The second is if a single part of your body takes damage equal to 40% of your own powerlevel that part of your body is instantly destroyed. If this area is your chest however the requirement for destruction is 75% of your own powerlevel in a single burst and if it is the head a mere 10% is all that it takes to destroy it.
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Fighting/Power System
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