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 Clash System

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PostSubject: Clash System   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:10 pm

Ok so everyone remembers the epic battles and clashes that everyone was part of and that were so incredibly epic. Well on a forum this is how they work.

When two energy attacks connect whether they be ball or beam or both a clash begins. This event allows all parties involved 1 post to power the ball up with a maximum of the following based on the power of their attack.
E rank-+5%
D rank-+10%
C rank-+20%
B rank-+40%
A rank-+80%
S rank-+100%

Whichever side loses takes the combined total of power in damage directly to their powerlevel rather than having to pierce their defense. For example if a character were to shoot a ball with 750 power at a beam of 1,000 power they would connect. Let's say they are both S rank so they both power up by 100% making the beam at 2,000 and the ball at 1,500. Since the ball loses the two would combine and do a total of 3,500 damage directly to the powerlevel of the one attacking with the ball.

However some attacks are naturally more powerful than other attacks because of their nature. Here is how that system works.

Beam attacks gain a 25% boost in power against Ball attacks
Ball attacks gain a 25% boost against Area of Effect attacks
Area of Effect attacks gain a 25% boost against Beam attacks

However if both attacks are of equal strength then both would suffer damage equal to the combined power of both -75%.
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Clash System
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