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 Training System

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PostSubject: Training System   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:11 pm

Alright, we have a simple training system here. So, you want to go up in training. Alright, this is how to do it.
Remember that Staff must approve it and it should be posted in the Update section. The growth can be spent in either Stamina or Powerlevel. Or both.

Normal training:
This is normal training, remember training is 500 words per 1% growth on all stats or 3% growth on one stat. So take that in to consideration, you can only go normally, 5% daily.

Gravity training:(currently locked without a ticket from the store)
Gravity training adds another 1% per 100 words for each 5 multipliers of gravity that you're character is exposed to. However the maximum gravity someone can contend with and still be function able not to mention alive is also a problem. With gravity being able to multiply your weight and make your training more powerful it can also kill you. For every 100 powerlevel the body can handle another 1 times gravity. Not even worth a multiplier until you reach 500 and can handle 5 times earth gravity. However every 1,000 powerlevel this jumps by 5. For example being at 1,000 your maximum gravity would be [1 for each 100 powerlevel=10 + 1,000 bonus gives you another 5] 15 times earth gravity rather than just a simple 10. The consequences of surpassing this limit is automatic damnation to HFIL.

Hyperbolic time chamber:(currently locked)
This is simple. You have ONE limitless use the chamber. This means, if you walk in the door, you train. But the moment you walk out, your done. Pretty simple right? great thing is you can use it a lot and gain those stats the best you can. However once you go in that one time you are done and can never return. NEVER. However inside you train as normally.

If you have training points you can trade each 1 of them for an improvement of 1% on 1 stat of yours.
EX 10 training points can get you 3% boost on Powerlevel 4% boost on Defense and 3% boost on Endurance.

Dimmension Room Training
This is a room on the top of the Guardian Lookout. It is entered by wearing a pendent of the earthling and standing on the circle in the ground in the back room of the Guardian's quarters and the first room of the lookout's training chambers. Upon entering an NPC team member will play as NPC with stats and techniques equal to yours. Upon every kill of one NPC that appears another two will appear in it's place. The NPC team member will control each one. Upon your death in this special room you will be ejected with a remaining powerlevel of 2 instead of actual death and you will gain 2% boost on each stat per post survived inside of the dimmension training room. However uses of this place is limited to twice.

Dual Training
If you and a sparring partner were to train simultaneously through pushing each other to the limits. Gaining you both a combined word requirement of 50 words per 1% stat boost and a total of 10% gained on all stats per day at most.
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Training System
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