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 Check In Rules and Death Rules

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PostSubject: Check In Rules and Death Rules   Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:15 pm

Upon the death of your character firstly Saiyans will not recieve a Zenkai if they are actually killed. Secondly the first post must be made here in a new topic. Arriving at the check in an admin will approve you for King Kai Heaven Or HFIL. This is what happens at each place.

King Kai-Train as much as you want under automatic 10X gravity and learn Kaio Ken if you remain for 10 [real] days for free. This place has natural training rules about how much per day however the gravity rule is also applied. This can be accessed ONLY by having a death from a saga after killing an enemy in the same saga. That is the only way in and there is no other way. Don't even bother asking. After being revived from King Kai's place you will appear at the guardian Lookout on earth.

Heaven-Remain trapped in Heaven for 48 hours without any training and any enhancement. There are no techniques to learn in heaven and there are no bonuses or negatives for being in heaven. In 48 hours you return to the planet earth in the wasteland just as you were before. Heaven may be reached if your character was killed by a Saga character and does not meet the King Kai requirements. The other way into Heaven is if you are killed by a character that had a powerlevel equal to double yours or an endurance equal to triple yours or a defense equal to quadruple yours. Because we feel bad you got raped you can go to heaven.

HFIL-Remain trapped in HFIL for 96 hours. Upon being brought into HFIL all of your stats are decreased by 10% and any items that you have are removed. Upon being released from HFIL 96 hours later you return to earth in the Wasteland without any items and clothed in a black shirt and black pants with no shoes and no other gear. You may remove the decrease of 10% stats for the loss of memory for the following things. Powerlevel-Remove the ability to perform an S rank technique. Defense- Remove 20% of your endurance instead of 10% of your defense. Endurance- Offer up 250 training points for no loss on endurance.
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Check In Rules and Death Rules
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