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 Legendary Black Star Balls.

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PostSubject: Legendary Black Star Balls.   Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:09 pm

These dragon balls are gained through Sagas and events. These balls are the most powerful dragon balls that can exist. Upon collecting all 7 from 7 different planets [Namek, Earth, Gretan, Vegeta, Yardrat, Charn, and Gorol] a wish may be made. The wish choices are as follows.

300% boost on all stats.
900% boost on one stat.
300% boost on one stat and 600% boost on another.
3,000 Training Points.
Another use of the Hyperbolic time chamber.
A free rebirth. [Died and come right back to life on earth in a random location away from everyone with nothing gone]
Dragon Blast Technique. An S rank technique causing a large wave of energy to come from both fists of the user. This blast will damage anything it touches with 200% of the user's powerlevel. Anything within 300 yards of it will be damaged by 100% of the user's powerlevel. Anything within 100 miles will be damaged with 50% of the user's powerlevel and anything within the same planet will be damaged by 10% of the user's powerlevel.
Instant Transmissison Technique. An S rank technique allowing the user to instantly appear next to any being in any dimmension however this technique cannot be used in combat.
Sword of the Legend Warriors: A great blade increasing all damage done by melee by 150%.
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Legendary Black Star Balls.
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