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 Playable Race Information

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PostSubject: Playable Race Information   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:17 pm

Listed here are all the currently playable races there are. Please make sure to read this at the earliest time.

This is a race of powerhouses really. They are generally mentally unstable and thirst for battle. Because of this, they are the more rough of all the races. Technology isn't their strong suit and are usually the universes Hired killers. Their brute strength is what makes them so formidable in battle. On the outside, Saiyans are known for not only their tails(which can be cut off) but their usually spiky hair. Most of them have black hair like the old Japanese stereotype used in most Japanese peoples. Though not as versatile as Androids, they are arguably the most powerful race known at this moment. Even being barbaric, they have been able to form energy named Ki. Saiyans are divided into the following Gene Types.

Pride Saiyan: Pride Saiyans are the most common yet arguably the most powerful saiyans. These beings start with a very well developed powerlevel and defense skill yet low endurance. Being able to master high levels of techniques without as much training as other races require is another added bonus. [E rank techs cost 8 training points. D rank techs cost 16 training points. C rank techs cost 34 training points. B rank techs cost 72 training points. A rank techs cost 150 training points and S rank techs cost 300 training points.] Pride Saiyans when defeated in combat receive the highest level of Zenkai boost of all types. Gaining a boost equal to 5% of their own powerlevel added on. 5% of their opponents powerlevel added on and a 10% boost of one other stat of their choosing aside from training points. [Pride Saiyans may use Zenkai 1 time per 7 day period.] These begin with the following Stats.
Powerlevel: 500
Strength: 300
Endurance: 100
Training points:80

Legend Saiyan: Legendary Saiyans are the opposite of Pride Saiyans. Rare in nature and incredibly difficult to train. While they receive a negative on all of their training efforts. [Added 350 words to every word requirement and added 25 training points for every tech.] And they recieve a slow Zenkai boost compared to every other Saiyan Gene type. Legendary Saiyans are incredibly powerful to begin with and become more powerful as time passes. These Saiyans begin with Big Bang attack, Mouth Blast and After Image. Legendary Saiyans do not gain a Zenkai boost factor. Instead when their powerlevel reaches 0 they simply add 50 points to powerlevel and 25 points to defense and endurance.[Once per 7 days] This race's stating stats are.
Powerlevel: 1,000
Strength: 1,000
Training Points: -150

Honor Saiyan: Honor Saiyans are renowned for their sense of good will and the difficulty they have in combatting naturally powerful enemies. However honor saiyans have a willfull power and are not limited on the amount of training they can accomplish in a set period of time like every other being in the universe. Honor saiyans have a zenkai factor that rivals that of the pride saiyans gaining 8% of their opponents stats and 2% of their own stats upon defeat. [Once per 10 days] These Saiyans begin with fly and Continuous Bullet and begin with the following stats
Powerlevel: 250
Strength: 150
Endurance: 200
Training Points: 100

Spirit Saiyan: Spirit Saiyans are a type of Saiyan dedicated to learning the finer arts of combat. Such as the techniques and the requirements and boosts for making those particular learned techniques better. These Saiyans are normally focused on gaining powerlevel to the extreme and begin with a lv1 scouter and Caste Warrior Armor. [Able to take 3,000 powerlevel damage before breaking.] These Saiyans begin with an extensive technique list that are, Afterimage, Flying, Gallick Gun, and Eraser Cannon. These Saiyans have a Zenkai that affects their training points as well as their stats. Spirit Saiyans when defeated to 0 powerlevel gain a boost of 3% of their own stats on every stat and 2% of their opponents stats. As well as a total of 25 training points. [Once per 8 days] The starting stats for this Gene type are.
Powerlevel: 150
Endurance: 50
Strength: 150
Training Points: 250


Humans are the natural race of the universe. The one that everyone is compared to in the galaxies. The humans are not the weakest race but they are also not the strongest. And have the widest gap between their warriors and their non combative types. Humans are diverse in appearance and have a high degree of mastery of many different arts showing a high level of adaptiveness to new situations as well as a high ability to train and learn new techniques easily. [All training requirements for word count are reduced by 10% by being a human] This race is known for quick bursts of intense training for equal results to many other races training their whole life. This race is divided into the following Gene types.

Turtle Warrior: Turtle Warriors rely on raw power and few techniques. Automatically beginning with Kamehameha [as seen in the technique list.] and a high degree of training efficiency. [Gains 5% more from all training topics.] This Gene type has the following stats.
Powerlevel: 350
Strength: 500
Endurance: 200
Training Points: 25

Crane Warrior: A Crane warrior is much more reliant on techniques than actual power. Beginning with the Dodon-Pa technique, Continuous Energy Bullet, Afterimage, and Big Tree Cannon techniques these fighters are naturally fit for almost any situation that may come their way. This Gene type has the following stats
Powerlevel: 150
Strength: 150
Endurance: 350
Training Points: 300

Monkey Warrior: The monkey warriors are specialized in a single aspect. These warriors are not technique or power based but instead based upon the accelleration of a single aspect of their combat. Each Monkey warrior may choose his/her own path to travel but each is specialized to a point beyond recognition of those on the same level while leaving the other aspects of combat behind. They start with no special techniques. This Gene type has the following stats.
Monkey Warriors choose which stat they want to be the focus. Between powerlevel, strength, Endurance or Training Points. This particular stat will gain a boost of 10% extra for every time it is increased. Aside from that the other stats are treated normally. This race begins with 300 on it's focus stat and 150 on the other stats. [All references to stats in this post include Training Points as well as Strength, Powerlevel and Endurance]

These are a race of green like creatures. They evolved from slugs and have two antennae on their head. They are bold, however, some have facial hair. They have also unlocked the energy known as Kai. There are no known definitive sexes and it is assumed they reproduce by regurgitating an Egg. They are well verse with technology, yet, they have little. Namekian's can fuse with their own race to merge power levels and then double that after the merging. They can only perform this action three times in their lifetime. Aside from this amazing fusion technique Namekians are divided into two gene types. They are as follows.

Elder Type: These Namekians live the longest and are known as the highest ranking officials of towns on Namek and otherwise respected. The special technique these Namekians have are...
Namekian Healing:. A move that allows a Namekian to sacrifice 45% of his Total powerlevel if it was at full strength to heal the powerlevel of another being to 100%. Or a Namekian with this ability can sacrificed 1 powerlevel from himself to heal 2 powerlevel of another being.
DragonBall: This technique allows a Namekian to link his life with a set of dragon balls. 7 balls are created and made equal to the power of the Namekian. The wish, if approved by the admins to begin with, must be equal or less than the power of the Namekian who created the dragon balls at the time of their creation. Also note every planet may only have 1 set.
This Gene type has the following stats:
Powerlevel: 50
Strength: 10
Endurance: 35
Training Points 300

Warrior Type: These Namekians are renowned for their battle prowess and their technique use within the actual battles. These warriors train most of their life to defend the elders of their race and can even eventually transform with enough power.
This Gene type has the following stats:
Powerlevel: 400
Strength: 450
Endurance: 500
Training Points: 90

Androids are powerful beings that begin with a high level of power but cannot increase that power without meeting one or both of the the requirements. The first is a purchase of an upgrade. [100 training points and a 1k word topic for the first upgrade. 200 training points and a 2k word training topic for the second and doubling each time after for the next.] These upgrades increase the stats of the android by adding 50% to all of them or 150% to one and 50% to one other. The decision is up to the player of the android. The other way is only accessible through certain androids and in most cases is their special skill. Such as absorbing the defeated and absorbing ki energy as it comes their way. These beings come in three forms.

Energy Android: Energy Androids are a race of beings who thrive on the having infinite amounts of energy compared to their opponents yet most energy androids are much weaker than their opponents who would otherwise be equal. Having a very large advantage over anyone weaker and a dissadvantage in total power Energy Androids are known as the gamble of the race card. These androids begin with Continuous Energy Bullet and Flight and begin with the following stats.
Powerlevel: 250
Strength: 250
Endurance: 250
Training Points: 0

Absorbtion Android: Absorbtion androids are beings who thrive about the energy known as Ki. Throughout the universe all attacks that are not of a melee variety are based in the element of Ki. The idea behind these androids is to constantly become stronger by absorbing Ki. However this is at a very definable limit. Being an absorbtion android they are made of circuits and metal. Taking a blast stronger than that would be suicide. Having a maximum intake of 75% of their current powerlevel + 25% of their current strength these androids can intake the blast and temporarily [As in for the remainder of the topic they are in] add it to their powerlevel. [Note for each generation model of this type of android this technique may be used 1 more time per topic. The maximum usage for a first generation android is 1.] These androids begin with the following stats.
Powerlevel: 400
Strength: 200
Endurance: 100
Training Points: 75

Bio Android

Biological Energy Android: Androids that feed from Bio Energy being absorbed into their systems. These types of androids are the rarest and hardly seen in the world. Bio Energy Androids are of a high level of raw power and upon defeating an enemy they may absorb them [As long as they are not an android] and gain 15% of all of their stats. This technique may be used once per 72 hour period and can be used upon any NPC as well as any character. These beings begin with flight and have the following starting stats.

Powerlevel: 400
Strength: 400
Endurance: 400
Training Points: 100

Synthetic Merging Android: Androids that seek out the opposite of Biological Energy Androids. Gaining their power from machines rather than men. [So to speak] Taking in Androids and only androids to boost their power Synthetic Merging machines are very weak and get very few opportunities to power up however upon doing so they achieve ungodly powers. Gaining 100% of the powerlevel 75% of the strength and 75% of the Endurance of the android absorbed and learning 1 technique from the absorbed android free of charge. [With a max of one Android absorption per 30 days.] These beings start with Flight and Continous Energy Bullet and have the following stats.

Powerlevel: 500
Strength: 500
Endurance: 500
Training Points: 150


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Genetically Enhanced Alien:

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Playable Race Information
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