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 Powering up/Transforming

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PostSubject: Powering up/Transforming    Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:12 pm

Powering up.

All races aside from the androids have the ability to charge their Ki for a full post. Doing so will raise their maximum powerlevel or current powerlevel from what it is to another 10%. This takes an entire post and will be ignored as soon as a topic is left. One can power up for more than one post, as well. For example, Billy can power up for two posts for a 20% boost in power-level. Now, if someone is interrupted while powering up like, for example, getting hit or having to stop for some reason they will lose all built up energy. They won't have enough time to concentrate and store away the energy when interrupted therefore it is all simply released back into the world.


You will be informed by an administator when you have reached a power of your race that is transformable. After this you may tell anyone you want what power you had when this happened and what each stat was but keep in mind gene type matters. Race matters and so do a few other factors about what have been done through rp.
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Powering up/Transforming
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