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 Royal Bloodline's Assault On Earth (The Gretanians begin their assault of elites) [Saga 1]

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PostSubject: Royal Bloodline's Assault On Earth (The Gretanians begin their assault of elites) [Saga 1]   Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:30 am

Out in the wasteland of earth a new building has been erected. A building stretching 5,000 feet into the air and extending a full 500 feet wide. This horrible monster of a building was built seemingly overnight by a group of what was described by witnesses as alien warrior visitors. Green men with three eyes and two arms standing at seven feet tall and having muscles that were beyond what was thought to be human. According to those same reports humans were not hid from during the making but instead were ignored like a lower life form. However once a tablet was carried into the room with a carpet of silken red and fine cloth under it was brought out the aliens snarled at the human onlookers that had been growing in number. The carpet held atop it a small back orb with a red star on it. A single red star and seemed to hold a high degree of reverence to the people who carried it. What is in this building? Who are these aliens? What is this orb? And why has it happened? Only time will tell but in truth earth has little time left. The orb brought along with them is the source of their power and being indestructible the orb is known to be on several planet. The Gretanians searching all across the galaxy for more got a reading from earth and have since set their sights upon the planet of humans. Inside the tower is a drill with a bomb reaching down into the center of the earth with the intent to detonate it in exactly 62 days.

Saga Bosses:

Neru: The king of the race of aliens known as the Gretanians. The Gretanians have long since been looking at earth and Neru has long since been aiming to conquer the land and eradicate the lesser form of life known as human. He has mastered in his time training for this invasion a new technique allowing him to attack several enemies at once with a high degree of power. His techniques are as follows; Flight, Eye Flash, Death Beam, Death Ball, Self Destruct, After Image, Big Bang Attack. His stats are as follows.


Cleru: The brother of Neru. Known as the highest lord of Gretania. His race has been contemplating taking over the earth for a long time and have for an even longer time been under the command of Neru their loved and feared ruler. Cleru agreed to come with his brother to conquer the earth in a combination effort with them and the son of Neru. The three most elite warriors of the Gretanian race. Cleru has mastery of the following techniques; Kaio Ken [With 76 points] Energy Finger Beam, Self Destruct, Death Beam and Flight . His stats are as follows.


Xeru: The prodigal son of Neru and in some respects stronger than his father. As the prince of his race he holds his ideas very highly compared to that of his father's very relaxed and combat oriented brother who accompanied he and his father on this mission. The two never got along but that was mostly in Xeru's head compared to Cleru's head. Xeru has mastery over few techniques yet most are more powerful than any other Gretanian. They are as follows; Flight, Death Beam, Death Ball, Self Destruct and Big Tree Cannon His stats are as follows.


Reaching the top of the building first: This person will receive the 1 star black star dragon ball.
Killing Neru: This person will receive 50 training points and a level 1scouter.
Killing Cleru: This person will receive 35 training points and a level 1scouter.
Killing Xeru: This person will receive 70 training points and a level 2 scouter.

SAGA UPDATES.CHECK DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Royal Bloodline's Assault On Earth (The Gretanians begin their assault of elites) [Saga 1]
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